Promised Land Pentecostal Church

I Was Born This Way

    “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” - Romans 12:2

    Christianity, for the last decade, has seen a tidal wave of moral and ethical changes that have invaded the church like no other time before.  Moral relativism is the ideological thought that what is morally right for me may not necessarily be right for you is eroding doctrinal absolutes in the church.  The Word of God established doctrine to guide human morals, thoughts, and behaviors to retrain the affections of a person's heart while guiding them to Jesus Christ.  The book of Proverbs warns readers that there will be a time when society calls that which is good, evil, and that which is evil, good. 

    Unfortunately, individuals that hold fast to religious convictions are labeled as intolerable, not sensitive, ignorant, fanatical, and fascist as they deny the freedoms of others.  It isn't that the Christian doctrine desires to deny the freedoms of others; Christianity proclaims the teachings of Jesus Christ that sets men free to make their own choices and holds them accountable for those very same choices.  However, under the guise of freedom, proponents of relative morality epitomize tyranny by progressively removing any moral standard, thought, material, or symbol that is rooted in Christianity from our society thereby, eliminating open discussion and the opportunity of choice.   True freedom is the ability to choose, not the absence of options as it was in the Garden of Eden, where Adam had a choice. 

    In this struggle between Christianity and progressive change, the Christian will attempt to hold others with opposing views to moral absolutes as taught in the Bible. At the same time, the opposition will counter with the belief that morality rest in the grey areas and is relative to the present society.  Philosophical debates occur between both sides with both substantiating their point of view back and forth.  This cycle will continue on and on till eventually, the discussion culminates with the phrase, "I was born this way."   

    The phrase deflects any viable evidence of absolute morality and places accountability not on the individual for the choices they make but on the Creator.  Somehow the phrase "I was born this way" is supposed to reason, rationalize, and justify the absence of Biblical morality in our lives.  This phrase is not just the banner for any one particular group because many diverse people use it.  In response to such a statement, the Christian then will attempt to persuade or prove wrong the statement through science and philosophy that will ultimately perpetuate this argument without any closure.  


    When someone believes they were born a certain way, there is no evidence one can suggest otherwise.  Yet, Christians continue to persist in persuading with the rudiments of the world to win an argument by overwhelming evidence rather than bring about the conviction that can reap reconciliation.  The response the Christian should have to the phrase "I was born this way" is "If you believe that in your mind, you are."

    The Bible clearly states that we are shaped and born in iniquity.  The Bible lets readers know that humanity is born with a depraved nature that gravitates toward selfishness, self-gratification, and rebellion against holiness.  No matter what an individual believes about themselves or the choices that they may or may not made all left without an excuse. All are accountable for the decisions that they make in the face of God's absolute truth.  God knew that humanity would come to this, so He said, "You must be born-again."  

    To be born-again is not only a spiritual experience in the waters of baptism, but a phycological transformation through the Word of God.  The Bible is a psychological book that deals with the mind of a person; to regenerate it with holy, godly, and positive thinking that expresses through one's actions.   It is a book that shines a light in one's mind separating what is right and wrong while giving hope to those that may find themselves going the opposite way a path to redemption.